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Welcome To Nagda. Explore Your city with us


Nagda is a city in Ujjain District in central India. It is the city which is equal distance to Delhi and Bombay. It is exactly 694 km from both Delhi and Bombay. Nagda is situated on the bank of river 'Chambal'. It is a very peaceful and traffic free city in Malwa region .Apart from these entire thing, it is industrial area too. As talking about the industries, there are:-


§ Grasim Industries Limited

§ Lanxess Industries

§ Grasim Chemical Division

§ Arcil Catalyst Private Limited


Nagda is the head quarter of Asia's largest production of Viscose, GRASIM Industries Ltd. Grasim Industries Limited was incorporated in 1948. Grasim is the largest exporter of Viscose Fiber in the country, with exports to over 50 countries. Nagda is the highest tax paying town of Ujjain division. Nagda is a fast developing town of Malwa region and also having its geopolitical importance in the map of world. There is a big lake in the North end of the city.



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